Volume 7, Issue 7, October 2016

Investigating Payam-e-Noor University Electronic-Training from Computer and Network Skill Perspectives: Case Study, Isfahan Payam-e-Noor University

Sanaz Shafiee

Department of Management Information Technology, Payame Noor University, PO BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran

Abstract– Payam-e-Noor university system was established following Great Britain Open University and its mission was implementing distance education. In Iran communication and information technology growth and development in all aspects of life especially learning and education process and subsequently E-education phenomena advent, was started by proposing the first national plan in this respect called "Techfa" formally in the middle of 2002. Following this move a plenty of activities was carried in the field of E-educational courses in Iran. Information technology was propounded as E-education formation underlying rule. Consequently investigating information technology indications in two different sections such as computer skills and network skills become of special importance and necessity. The present study was prepared by the aim to securitize the Education promotion process using optimization model in two basic indications in network and computer skills among Isfahan Payam-e-Noor university students as a case study in distance-educational system. The findings of the present research prepared are the obtained result of Pearson correlation coefficient test between network skills and computer skills among Isfahan Payam-e-Noor students. The findings of the present research prepared to examine more exact and accurate network skill condition in Isfahan Payam-e-Noor university students, revealed a high statically distribution for students having low network skills of 49.7% just 0.7% of these students have medium or higher network skill through investigating network skill condition of Isfahan Payam-e-Noor university students, as a case study of distance and half attendance educational system, it is necessary to establish regular and purposeful educational and training courses of ICDL skills and the internet and network skills training before students registration.

Keywords— Payam-e-Noor University, ICDL Skills Network and Computer Skill E-education

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Efficient Implementation of VoIP Over VPN w.r.t Packet Delay and Data Security

Muhammad Wasim Abbas Ashraf and Ahsan Raza Sattar

Department of Computer Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 38000, Punjab, Pakistan

Abstract– This research is about to build a network with Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) traffic in Virtual Private Network (VPN) with efficient speed of data transfer rate and minimum packet delay. There are number of protocols that can be used for security enhancement and to reduce packet delay but in this study VoIP is implemented to test traffic on VPN for packet delay and data transfer rate. VoIP is a swiftly rising term for voice conversation that organizes VoIP client equipment’s such as desktop IP phones, mobile VoIP-allowed handheld devices, control all functionality about voice communication. VPN still faces many issue regarding security and packet delay. Secured VPN may increase the quantity of packet loss. This proposed work provides minimum delay of packets and also increases the security performance with efficient codec and timeout in VoIP traffic over VPN. VoIP codec G.726, ilBC are also tested in this research. As a result both are best in Audio and video calls but depend on network infrastructure. Moreover, many tools such as (GNS3, OPNET, Wire shark), algorithms and methods are applied to checks the effect of VoIP traffic over VPN with respect to packet size, packet loss, timeout, time average to transfer file (download and upload), quality of services and best selection of code for VoIP traffic . Above cited codecs are compare the performance of software and hardware environment regarding VoIP over VPNs. This work increased the performance of data rate and minimized packet delay on VoIP traffic in VPN. Wireshark tool is used to analysis the data regarding packet on VoIP over VPN.

Keywords— VPN, VoIP, GNS3, RTD and ilBC

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The Role of Social Media on Online Dating and Sustainable Marriage

Izang A. Aaron, Kasali, F. A., Ajayi Wumi S., and Adegbenjo A.

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria

Abstract– The importance of dating can never be over emphasized as it is a prerequisite that should be considered before going into any form of courtship that can either lead to marriage or not. As a result of the dramatic increase in Internet usage, there has been a proliferation of numerous online dating sites that allow people to meet and date in a virtual environment. This form of socialization has been perceived by many to be either a blessing or a curse depending on individuals’ opinions and experiences due to the present level of increase in divorce rate among those who are married. The study considered the perception of online dating in sustaining marriages. This study employed descriptive statistics using quantitative research methodology which involves the use of questionnaires as the research instrument and the questionnaire. Data used for the analysis were collected with the use of a well-structured questionnaire administered to 50 respondents in the PhD family wholeness class of 2015/2016 and the analysis was done with the help of Statistical Package Service Solution (SPSS) version 21.0. The sample size was chosen based on Convenience Sampling method....

Keywords— Dating, Sustainable Marriage, Online Dating, Courtship and Social Media

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The Industrial Maintenance Based on Internet of Things: New Opportunities and New Issues

Mohamed RAMADANY and Driss AMEGOUZ

Laboratory computer-integrated manufacturing, Energy and Sustainability, High School of Technology, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fez, Morocco

Abstract– In industry, the Internet of Things with connected objects is combined with growing waiting around the optimization and improvement of maintenance. It allows new possibilities and opportunities, including predictive maintenance. However, this integration of the internet of things in industrial environment generates new issues. This research work is devoted initially, to present the state of art applications of the Internet of Things for predictive maintenance. Second, we are going to review the opportunities for such a system for industrial maintenance. Finally, we will understand the issues related to the deployment of the Internet of Things for a maintenance application.

Keywords— Internet of Things, Optimization, Opportunities, Predictive Maintenance and Issues

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