Volume 11, Issue 5, October 2020

FEM Study on Impact of Osteoporosis Humerus

Adnan Ali, Ahsan Rahman

Department of Computer Science SZABIST (Dubai Campus)

Abstract- Cancer patients whose cancer has metastasized to bones, face uncertain bone conditions; cancer cannot be cured, with treatments only helping to reduce the pain and other symptoms of bone metastases. Close to a quarter of people with an advanced form of lung cancer has cancer metastasized to the bones. The most affected areas are the pelvic region, the spine, humerus, and femur. The study will assess biomechanical effects on bone affected with Osteoporosis on the humerus bone, and how much pressure it can withstand. The fragility of the bone may compromise the condition if it’s being put under stress.

Keywords- Biomechanics, Bone Fragility, Finite Element Analysis, Humerus and Osteoporotic Bone

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Vital Investigation on Energy Efficiency and Routing Protocols for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Rooh Ullah, M. Usman Malik

Department of Computer Science, UET, Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract- Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN) is a promenent research area because of its wide range of applications like seismic monitoring, disaster prevention, offshore exploration, pollution monitoring, oceanography data collection, equipment monitoring, assisted navigation, and tactical surveillance. However UWSNs faces grand challenges including large propagation delay, high mobility, limited bandwidth, three dimension deployments, expensive manufacture and above all the energy constraint. It is crucial for UWSNs to mitigate all the limitation due to harsh underwater environment. In order to address some of the pertinent challenges, we propose an Vital Investigation on energy efficiency and routing protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks which is based on the review of many routig protocols.

Keywords- UWSNs, Research Chanllanges, Application and Limitaion

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Blended Volcanic Ash Concrete in Chloride Atmosphere – A Performance Analysis

A. Beden, S. Fosie

Department of Structural Engineering, University of Kenya, Kenya

Abstract- Blended volcanic ash performance effect additive in concrete exposed to chloride environment as curing medium at concentration of 1%, 6% and 12% on compressive strength of concrete containing 22% volcanic ash as additive, is a main area of this research. Concrete cube cured in 6% Nacl gained the strength of 16N/mm2 while 12% Nacl gained the strength of 16.4N/mm2 which shows a higher strength over the control with 1% Nacl which gained 13.8N/mm2 at age of 26 days, results obtained from this study. Also the study recommends that volcanic ash is suitable for partial replacement of cement up to 12% replacement while for the acoustic property (sound absorption) replacement up to 22%-VA is enough.

Keywords- Strength, Blended Volcanic, Chloride and Results

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FEM Study on Effects of Laptop Heat on Human Body

Waseem Iqbal, Ahsan Rahman

Department of Computer Science, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (Dubai Campus), UAE

Abstract- The rise of portable computing has affected human life in both positive and negative ways. There is an increase in the usage of portable devices like laptop computers are getting more popularity among businessmen, students, and teachers due to small size and lightweight. Most people’s feel comfortable using laptops on their legs. Usage of a laptop for a long time on the top of the legs can cause heat generation from different parts inside the laptop. The laptop CPU, battery, hard drive, power supply, and CD/DVD drives are big sources of heat generation inside the laptop. Laptop heat can cause erythema ab igne, Pinkish, and brownish skin. Laptop heat effects are investigated in this research through the different distances between the laptop and the human leg. Heat transfer into the leg through different distances are measured to check the safe distance between the laptop and human leg. Heat transfer analysis between laptop and human leg are performed in finite element analysis (FEM).

Keywords- FEM Study, Thermal Radiation and Laptop Injury

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Voice Over IP (VoIP) Implementation Using Asterisk PBX

M. Usman Yasir, Numan Babar

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Abstract- The power of voice and voice delivery over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks has a huge impact on Internet consumers, especially through the use of Asterisk PBX. Several businesses are rushing these days to bring multiple VoIP products to market with many different features. This document focuses on installing VoIP and implementing it using Asterisk PBX. The paper would focus on integrating VoIP and integrating it with Asterisk PBX. Initially, the paper addresses project objectives with basic VoIP implementation. Second, the project incorporates a practical paper for using Asterisk PBX as a framework for conducting studies in VoIP science. Finally, the initiative refers to live chat traffic analysis in the SIP.

Keywords- VoIP, SIP, PBX, Communication and ISDN

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