Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2012

Assessment of Economic Impact and Efficiency of a Combined Gas Turbine with a Thermoelectric Generator

Onoroh Francis, Ikebudu Kingsley O., and Okafor I.O.U

Electronics Development Institute (ELDI), National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Federal Ministry of Science & Technology (FMST), Nigeria
Mechanical Engineering Department, Anambra State University, Nigeria

Abstract– The research presents how to scavenge waste heat from a gas turbine plant using a thermoelectric generator and to assess the economic implication. On comparing the equivalent uniform annual worth of the combined GT/TEG with GT only, the annual disbursement for the GT/TEG is $2,288,231.908 and for the GT only is $2,316,738.107. Therefore, the combined GT/TEG is found to be more economical. The gas turbine whose operating condition was used for the design of the thermoelectric generator is based at Ughelli Thermal power station, Ughelli, Delta state, Nigeria. Also, the efficiency of the gas turbine was increased from 0.342 to 0.453 with the introduction of a thermoelectric generator containing lead telluride modules.

Keywords— Economic Analysis, Efficiency, Gas Turbine, Thermoelectric Generator, Sankey Diagram and Equivalent Uniform Annual Worth

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Realization of Interoperability & Portability Among Open Clouds by using Agent’s Mobility & Intelligence

Rabia Khan and Amjad Mehmood

Institute of Information Technology, KUST, Indus Highway, Off Jarma, Kohat, KPK, Pakistan

Abstract– Cloud Computing has become most demanding utility or service for the current era, because of its high computing power, performance, cheapness, accessibility, scalability, and availability. But still it is in infancy stage, and has some pitfalls which are due to non-existence of standards. Interoperability and portability are the two among the major issues in Cloud Computing. Authors have pointed out these issues and how actually interoperability and portability issues would be encountered? Authors propose architecture to address these two issues with the collaboration of next emerging technology i.e. agents and XMPP protocol. As there is an architecture proposed before using agents but in this paper first time both features of an agent i.e. intelligence and mobility are used in some particular way. Mobility is for movement among different clouds, as agents are interoperable by default as per FIPA (Foundation of Intelligent Physical Agent), and intelligence is to take the wise decision by keeping number of attributes in the database i.e. workload per service on each machine, distance between the clouds and services available on each cloud to fix the above cited problems.

Keywords— Interoperability, Portability, Open Clouds, FIPA Agents and XMPP

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A Scene Based Video Watermarking in Discrete Multiwavelet Domain

N. Leelavathy, E. V. Prasad and S. Srinivas Kumar

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, J.N.T. University, Kakinada, A.P. India
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, J.N.T. University, Kakinada, A.P. India

Abstract– The rapid increase in internet usage has resulted in the media ownership and attention towards intellectual property rights among internet users. In this paper, a Discrete Multiwavelet Transform (DMWT) and Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) based video watermarking is proposed. A logo watermark is inserted in the uncompressed domain of a video. Using QIM, the watermark is embedded into the selected multiwavelet coefficients by quantizing the coefficients. Scrambled watermarks are generated using a set of secret keys, and each watermark is embedded in each motionless scene of the video. The watermark extraction does not require the original video. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method is robust against the frame dropping, averaging, swapping, and statistical analysis attacks. It is also robust against some intentional and unintentional attacks.

Keywords— Discrete Multiwavelet Transform, Quantization Index Modulation, Quantization Step, Scene-Change and S-Transform

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Investigating the Role of Islamic Theology and Instruction Subjects in Isfahan Province Payame Noor Universities

Saeed Moahammad Reza Adnani

Department of Islamic Philosophy and Discourse, Payame Noor University, PO. BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran

Abstract– The present study purpose is investigating students’ opinions on the rate of success in teaching Islamic theology and instruction subject matters, namely, Islamic thoughts (1, 2) and Lifestyle rites, in Isfahan province Payame Noor universities. The research method was random integration and statistical population consisted of 10 samples from Isfahan province Payame Noor universities. The sample size after statistical population was 1050 person through 10 Payame Noor universities. Data analysis was performed using SPSS software and Likert scale. Students’ opinions and their attitudes were investigated and examined with regard to Islamic theology and instruction subject matters consisting of three dimensions: cognitive, affectional, and behavioral in Isfahan province Payame Noor universities. The obtained results revealed that the most problems of students are related to the subject matters which are not up to date and also with the style and the type of applied literature. Most of the students were satisfied with studying Islamic theology and instruction subject matters, and they agreed to learn them in universities, although they criticized the content and their teaching methods.

Keywords— Islamic Theology and Instruction, Islamic Thoughts, Islamic Life Style and Rites, Religious and Opinion, Student

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Coagulation Kinetics and Performance Evaluation of Corchorus Olitorus Seed in Pharmaceutical Effluent

V.I. Ugonabo, M.C. Menkiti and O.D. Onukwuli

Department of Chemical Engineering Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria

Abstract– Under room temperature conditions, corchorus olitorus extract, a natural biodegradable resource was used as an eco-friendly coagulant in pharmaceutical effluent treatment at varying dosage and effluent pH. Conventional nephelometric jar test was employed while Corchorus Olitorus coagulant (COC) preparation was based on method reported by (Gunaratna, et al., 2007). The kinetic functional parameters obtained were fitted into specific model equations for evaluation. Such parameters are 1/sqrt(2), rate constant, reaction order etc. Results show that reaction order, 1/sqrt(2), rate constant, pH and dosage recorded optimum values at 2, 20.70 seconds, 7E – 05 m3/kg.s, 7 and 0.1 x 10-3 kg/m3, respectively. At the conditions of the experiment, maximum efficiency of 83.19% at 30 minutes demonstrated satisfactory performance of COC for TDSP removal from pharmaceutical effluent.

Keywords— Corchorus Olitorus, Pharmaceutical Effluent, Coag-flocculation and Nephelometric

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Statistical Analysis of Power System on Enhancement of Available Transfer Capability – Applying FACTS

J. Namratha Manohar and J. Amarnath

Department of Electrical Engineering, JNTU, Hyderabad, India
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India

Abstract– The paper aims to conduct Statistical Analysis of the Performance Characteristics of Power System subjected to tests for Enhancement of Power Transfer Capability by using TCSC-FACTS Device. The 30Bus Test system has been considered for the study. The objective is reduction of losses by applying TCSC and thereby enhances Available Transfer Capability. The parameters studied are Voltage profile, Losses, Power Flow on Lines. The Statistical Analysis tool, Standard Deviation is applied on the results. Statistical Analysis conducted on the results obtained has shown good positive results in improvement of the parameters after application of TCSC.

Keywords— Available Transfer Capability, Statistical Analysis, FACTS, TCSC and Standard Deviation

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Investigating the Relationship between Ethics Values and Organizational Commitment Among Telecommunication Managers in Isfahan Province, Iran

Soodabeh Ghalambaz and Sepideh Ghalambaz

Department of Public Administration, Payame Noor University, PO. BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran
Department of Library Sciences and Information, Payame Noor University, PO. BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran

Abstract– Moral behavior and ethics values are very crucial issues which in many researches are related to business ethics. The foundation of all values in an organization is ethics values. These values contribute to establish and protect standards which can influence directing individuals toward performing favorable actions for organization. Particularly, when these standards or organizational ethics values become wide spread among the organization members, the organization success will increase. The present paper attempts to investigate the relationship between ethics values in an organization and organizational commitment. The statistical population consisted of 40 samples of Isfahan Province telecommunication managers who were chosen by random method and were given organizational commitment and ethics values questionnaires. Data analysis was performed through SPSS software. In addition to applying descriptive statistical methods such as sorting data, based on frequency distribution, frequency percentile, drawing chart, statistical T-Methods, one-variable T were also used. The study findings revealed that there is a relationship between moral values in organization and different types of organizational commitment (Normative, Affective, and Continual). Further more, based on T-table there is no significant relationship between gender, age and academic degrees with moral values and organizational commitment at the level of P<0.05. According to the results observed on T-table, at the level of P>0.05, there is a significant and meaningful relationship between service years and moral values in organization.

Keywords— Ethics Values, Organizational Commitment and Telecommunication Managers

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A Comparitive Study of Indexing Techniques in Data Warehouse

Neha Sharma and Arvind Panwar

Northern India Engineering College, Delhi, India

Abstract– — The need for strategic information is escalating day by day and that can be fulfilled efficiently with the help of data warehouse indexing techniques. For this, one needs to maintain the data warehouse structure well. Data-warehouse has a broader scale and is completely equipped with the decision making process strategies. Since data in the data warehouse is enormous, so most of the queries in such a data warehouse will be complex and time taking too. Therefore, to speedup the processing time of these queries, indexing is used. At present, there are a number of indexing techniques available in the market. But according to the cardinality, size, processing speed, flexibility, and ease to make etc. different indexing techniques are visualized. This paper provides an assessment of different indexing techniques of data warehouse indexing depending upon above defined criteria’s.

Keywords— Data Warehouse, Techniques and Indexing

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Mechanism of Copper (II) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbon Prepared from Different Agricultural Materials

J. T. Nwabanne and P. K. Igbokwe

Department of Chemical Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, P.M.B. 5025, Awka, Nigeria

Abstract– Uptake of copper (II) from aqueous solution using activated carbons prepared from nipa palm nut (NPN), palmyra palm nut (PPN), oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB), oil palm fiber (OPF), and oil palm shell (OPS) was studied. Chemical activation method was adopted in preparing the activated carbon. The effects of various parameters such as pH, adsorbent dosage, contact time, initial ion concentration and adsorbent particle size were investigated inorder to determine the adsorption performance of the adsorbents. It was found that the amount of Cu2+ adsorbed increased with increase in adsorbent dosage, and contact time and decreased with increase in particle size and initial ion concentration. The optimum pH of 6 was obtained for all the adsorbents. The result of adsorption studies showed that activated carbons produced from NPN and PPN are the most efficient adsorbents for the removal of Cu2+ from aqueous solutions while EFB, OPF and OPS were found to be poor adsorbents for the removal of the adsorbate. Adsorption data were fitted to Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin-Radushkevich equations. Equilibrium data fitted well to the Freundlich, Langmuir and Tempkin models. The equilibrium data

Keywords— Adsorption, Copper, Adsorbents, Isotherm, Removal and Activated Carbon

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Customized Simulation Tool for Mixed Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits

R. Prakash Rao and Dr. B.K. Madhavi

St. Peter’s Engineering College, Near Forest Academy, Dulapally, Hyderabad, India
Geetanjali College of Engineering and Technology, Cheryala, Hyderabad, India

Abstract– In the past few years, mixed analog-digital IC designs have become increasingly popular and the complexity of these chips has been growing. However, one of the major bottlenecks for achieving low cost and high quality design is the lack of simulation tools. Currently, designers need to manually split the design into analog and digital portions which are verified separately using analog and digital simulators respectively. There is no easy and robust way to verify the mixed analog-digital IC designs with one simulator. Hence, we are going to propose a new methodology to simulate a mixed analog-digital IC designs with one simulator. To achieve the proposed methodology we have defined the analog definitions in digital domain library. This library definition was integrated into the standard definition library, results in, we have provided a simple method to use HDL definition in EDA tool such as ModelSim PE 10.1b for analog also. As we are using a single tool for both analog and mixed signal design IC’s the tool portability or optimization of the tool had been achieved for mixed analog-digital integrated circuits.

Keywords— Mixed Analog-Digital IC, Simulation Tools, Analog Definitions, Library Definition, Modelsim PE 10.1b and Tool Portability

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